EARLY ANIMATION (pre-digital)



An artist-created public service announcement for nuclear disarmament. This film was aired in over 400 television stations, and had its theatrical premiere in Hiroshima at the International Animation Festival (of Peace and Love.) Cel animation 16mm | 1 minute | 1985

The Octopus's Exultation

Live music/animation performance about life in flux. A collaboration with composer Caleb Sampson. Presented at Eventworks 1984, Boston, and other venues. Cel, marker on paper, slides, and film loops, 16mm | 1 hour | ©1984

Ungloved Hand

A magician’s stage show challenges sex-role stereotypes. Music by John Manchester. Cel animation, 16mm|3 minutes| ©1979


A paranoid tale of the myths and misconceptions surrounding body changes in adolescence. Drawn-on found footage,  Sound by Ground Zero, 16mm| 5 minutes | ©1979